The 12th annual edition of world-leading music startup competition Midemlab will this year be presented by Deezer & Recochoku. The winners will be chosen in Cannes by a jury that includes tech journalist Sirena BergmanKuack Media Group‘s Juan Francisco, Music Tech Germany’s Matthias Strobel & many more (full details here). Let’s discover the 20 finalists!


Category 1: Music Creation & Education

Big Ear Games make music games to learn how to compose music. Big Ear, their debut game, demystifies how music works; Endlesss is a virtual space for live collaborative recreational music-making; Jambl is a user-generated music platform where users can create music, add videos, collaborate and share with friends in a simple, creative and fun way; Muzeek amplifies composers’ creativity, notably through an ‘Augmented Composer’ functionality; and Lonofi presents itself as “the first app using AI generated music for well-being and mental health.”


Category 2: Music distribution & discovery

Alissia Music is a personalised music service which picks songs based on your mood and your individual preferences; Banding is a matchmaking app for musicians; ClapCharts is a service to detect and promote promising talents through listeners; ClicknClear is an online marketplace where athletes/teams can license all the original music they want from rights holders; & Soundtracktor is an AI-powered platform for music composers to monetise music catalogues.


Category 3: Marketing & Data/Analytics

Legitary is an algorithm to detect fraud in streaming data; MusicList is an AI that can suggest music by understanding the behaviour, the mood, the location, etc. of users in real time; Musiio is also an AI that can ‘listen’ to large volumes of music to help streaming companies automate their personalised playlists, and help labels automate their discovery of new talent; Paperchain is a platform that closes the payment gap between when catalogue is played and when labels and artists get paid; & Wedao builds tours for popular artists basing on social media/streaming data and promotes shows through fan and influencer micro-targeting.


Category 4: Experiential Technologies – AR/VR, high resolution, IoT & hardware

Joué is a modular MIDI instrument which simplifies music playing for beginners and professional artists (video available here); MI.MU is a wireless, wearable, gestural musical instrument and controller for the performance and composition of music; MuX is a VR sandbox Instrument; ODIHO is a system which broadcasts any sound content (mike, recorded sound…) directly on listener’s smartphone headphone, in HD and real-time; & Tunefork is a software that delivers optimal hearing experience for people with hearing loss and seniors.


Find out more about MidemLab, and Midem’s special startup offer, here

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